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What I learnt from The Greatest Showman

Last month, I went to see The Greatest Showman and it was spectacular!! The movie is magical and inspiring, and as I loved so much, I decided to make a very special post for the blog. After watching - and crying - I leaved the cinema with my mind blowing from all the things that the movie teaches us. So, here is all the things that I learnt from The Greatest Showman, and I believe that you will learn too.
A million dreams is all it's gonna take
At the beggining of the movie, we can see our little P.T. Barnum singing a beautiful song - A Million Dreams - and making us crying from happiness by seeing that there's nothing more powerful than our dreams. The sky is the limit when we talk about dreams and we have to believe in it and make it happen. He had a dream about making a great show, and with a help from his familiy, he did everything he could to make it happen.
Come alive, go and guide your light
One of the things that the movie show us by its photographs and songs like Come Alive, The Greatest Show and The Other Side, is that we have to put some color, magic and light in our lives to live better days. We need to take risks and seize the opportunites life gives us. Do not be afraid to take the first step to do whatever you want to. Take the world and redefine it, leave behind your narrow mind and yu'll never be the same. Come alive!
We can rewrite the stars
Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler live a beautiful and intense romance in the movie. Everything seems to keep them apart, with all the hate and prejudice the society have due to the fact that they work in a circus. Through the scenes we can see that despite all the dificulties and diferences they have, they choose to change their fate, not listening to what people would say about them, rewrite the stars, and let their love come alive. 
Remember who all this was for 
One of my favorite numbers in the movie is when P.T. need a little shake from his friends and family to realize all the mess he's been doing. Unfortunatelly, most of the times when you start making something huge, you end up become someone you don't want to. Someone who is not the true you, and you make things that aren't right. In From Now On, he sings that "these eyes will not be blinded by the light" and that they will come back home, will come back to where they first started. He shows us that we can't forget our roots, our beliefs. We can't let the success get to our head, we need to stay true to who we are and to what we want. I need to say that this is a beautiful scene, and a incredible moment for all the characters in the movie. 
This is who I'm meant to be
I believe that all the movie is resumed by this scene. All we want is to be accepted by the world, but here we are taught that everyone has something special inside and we don't have to be ashamed of who we are. Our scars, our stories and our strugles makes us who we are, and we can't hide ourselves from the world. We need to show the truly us and claim to everyone that "This is brave, this is bruised, this is who I'm meant to be... This is me!"

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